About Tamie

My passion is empowering people to live a more ideal life. My gift is helping people get their IDEAL MATE. đź’—

Tamie Wilson is a well known Holistic Coach™ and Inspirational Teacher / Speaker in the fields of Personal and Professional Development. She helps people discover and cultivate their authentic selves through self-awareness using a holistic approach. Tamie's specialty is helping people get their "IDEAL MATE & RELATIONSHIP".

Tamie was a TV consultant for ONN (Ohio News Network). She was a radio consultant for Power 107.5 and WVKO 1580 Talk Radio. She was featured in Just Women magazine, the Columbus Dispatch, and Columbus Alive.

Tamie Wilson has assisted people through life challenges for over 20 years. Tamie helps people discover how their life path has brought them where they are, and how to consciously create the life they want. Through self-awareness, Tamie helps people identify and change their subconscious & self-sabotaging: dishonoring internal & external dialogue, programming, behaviors, patterns, and barriers that are inhibiting their personal and professional peace, happiness, and fulfillment.

After overcoming many life challenges, Tamie knows how to overcome and persevere. Her life experiences have molded her to the strong successful woman she is today.  She knows how to use her personal power in her personal & professional life, and she can teach you too.

Tamie has guided hundreds of individuals through their spiritual, personal and professional growth process that has left permanent life improvements. Tamie enjoys teaching people how to live happier healthier lives. Her work is helping to create a kinder safer world. Those seeking personal & professional growth and proactive wellness, are familiar with the name Tamie Wilson.


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