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ladies who want to attract true love & marry Mr. Right...



Attract True Love

That Lasts A Lifetime

Learn how to set yourself up for a happy healthy fulfilling loving marriage with the perfect guy for you, so you can avoid future heartbreak and divorce.

Is this you?

  • You’re still heartbroken, hung up on your ex, or fear entering a new relationship because you’re afraid of getting hurt. (BTW, I’m an expert when it comes to healing heartbreak.)

  • You want clarity as to why and how you attracted your ex, so you can prevent future disappointment and heartbreak.

  • You don’t have time to waste going on date after date with guys that don’t even come close to what you want.

  • You’re sick and tired of attracting guys you don't want game players, liars, cheaters, emotionally unavailable guys who come and go in and out of your life, guys who ghost you, etc...

  • You’re done with surface / casual / FWB relationships that you know have no future.

  • You have a deep desire for an authentic love connection that makes you feel safe and secure that will lead to a happy healthy loving fulfilling committed marriage.

  • You’re ready to be more than just “Auntie.” You want to make a bigger impact on the world by starting your own family.

  I know you...

  • You're an intelligent, action-taker who wants more out of life.

  • You take care of business at home and at work.

  • When people look at you they think you have it all together, but deep down you feel a void.

  • You may even cry behind closed doors because you're just so frustrated with your love life.

  • You're sick of being heartbroken, single, and alone.

  • You're ready to start the next chapter in life with the love of your life, your forever person.

  • You see your friends and coworkers meet and marry great guys so you wonder... Why do I keep attracting the wrong guys?

  • If my ex wasn't THE ONE, where is MY guy?

  • Where is he? When is it going to happen for me? I'm an intelligent, nice, caring, thoughtful person...

  • What do I need to do... where do I need to go to meet a great guy?

  • What's wrong with me?

I know you have a ton of conflicting thoughts and waves of emotions. Some days you feel strong and confident, other days you feel sad, angry, frustrated, and despondent, even heartbroken. I know you, and I know how to help you get exactly what you want in your love life.


Decide right now to take control. Love yourself enough to allow yourself a new possibility in love. Take action now. Sign up for this Masterclass. You may just get the breakthrough you've been looking for.

I look forward to helping you get your happily ever after.

In this Masterclass You'll Discover

Love Lessons

  • Learn why & how you attracted your EX, so you won't make the same mistakes and avoid future heartbreak.

  • Own your love power! Learn the truth (few people know) about attraction, love, and relationships.

  • Victoriously attract Mr. Right and stop attracting guys you don't want. You'll learn the exact process I've been teaching for 20 years that has led to happy healthy fulfilling long-lasting marriages.

  • Enjoy an exciting life of everlasting true authentic love with your forever person. Avoid heartbreak & divorce; instead, live happily ever after by learning how to set yourself up for success in love and marriage.

Presented by
Tamie Wilson

 Love Coach Tamie Wilson



 "My passion is empowering people to live a more ideal life. My gift is helping people heal and get their IDEAL MATE." 💗

Tamie Wilson is a well known Holistic Coach™ and Inspirational Teacher / Speaker in the fields of Personal and Professional Development. She helps people discover and cultivate their authentic selves through self-awareness using a holistic approach. Tamie's specialty is helping people get their "IDEAL MATE & RELATIONSHIP".

Tamie was a TV consultant for ONN (Ohio News Network). She was a radio consultant for Power 107.5 and WVKO 1580 Talk Radio. She was featured in Just Women magazine, the Columbus Dispatch, and Columbus Alive.

Tamie Wilson has assisted people through life challenges for over 20 years. Tamie helps people discover how their life path has brought them where they are, and how to consciously create the life they want. Through self-awareness, Tamie helps people identify and change their subconscious & self-sabotaging: dishonoring internal & external dialogue, programming, behaviors, patterns, and barriers that are inhibiting their personal and professional peace, happiness, and fulfillment.

Tamie has guided hundreds of individuals through their spiritual, personal and professional growth process that has left permanent life improvements. Tamie enjoys teaching people how to live happier healthier lives. Her work is helping to create a kinder safer world. Those seeking personal & professional growth and proactive wellness, are familiar with Tamie Wilson.