Attract love with the audio recording of this LOVE affirmation meditation with binaural beats to expedite goal achievement. Binaural beats are sound wave therapy, two tones of slightly different frequencies played in separate ears simultaneously to creates a third sound and an auditory illusion. The binaural beats send electrical messages throughout the brain at the same rate as the imaginary frequency; therefore, becoming a brainwave entrainment tool.


Listen to this recording wearing headphones at night right before you go to sleep. We do a lot of problem solving while we sleep and it’s quicker and easier to reprogram your brain at night while you sleep, partly because you don’t have other distractions or stimulants, but mainly because your brainwaves slow down. As you start to drift off to sleep your brainwaves slow down and produces theta waves. The theta brainwave frequency occurs when you enter the dream state, right before you wake up, and during meditation. Do you ever wake up at 3 or 4 am with absolute clarity or a solution to a problem? Well, now you know why. =) The LOVE Affirmation Meditation will retrain your brain to have healthy love and open your heart to receive the love you truly desire.


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Love Affirmations & Meditation